The Pursuit to Become
The Fastest Woman On Water
Over One Nautical Mile
In 2017, Hannah White will attempt to make history. In a purpose-built, state of the art machine, Hannah aims to not only break Zara Davis' current sailing speed record over one nautical mile, but become the first woman to ever set that record above the 40 knot barrier.
To achieve this, Project Speedbird will bring together technological and engineering innovation with Hannah’s determination and physical ability. Every aspect will require intense training and optimisation. Every element pushed to peak performance. The question will be answered: How fast can she go?
A500 Record Attempt – October 2016
Weather permitting, Hannah will make an attempt on the 500 metre speed record in late October 2016.
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A New Guinness World Record!
Huge congratulations to Hannah who - in preparation for her speed sailing record attempt in 2017 - successfully crossed the English Channel in her training Moth to set a new Guinness World Records title
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The Boat
The design of Project Speedbird will herald a new era in speed sailing, where high tech art meets the science of speed.
A specialist team of the world’s best boat designers, engineers and builders will produce a purpose-built speed machine using the latest technological advances developed by F1, the America’s Cup and Moto GP teams. The 6 metre boat will be designed to maximise performance over a short, straight distance. The hull will be incredibly light - weighing just 8kg – providing an exceptional power to weight ratio. An advanced, carbon composite foil will lift the aerodynamically (not hydrodynamically) designed hull one metre out of the water. Project Speedbird will literally fly over the water.
Hannah White
Hannah White, 31, is one of the world’s most exciting extreme adventurers. With a truly authentic adventuring background, Hannah has seamlessly combined her love of extreme challenges with her ability to engage a global audience.
Hannah has a proven track record in achieving testing challenges including sailing the Atlantic solo three times; an ultimate adventures competition in France, which included a demanding slalom drive on the slopes; a 180kg sled pull, and a fast, furious kayak race across Lake Geneva. Hannah has also completed the grueling Haute Route Cycle Race across the French Alps and kayaked across England. Her engaging, cool nature has seen her become a regular on British prime time television. Whether it’s presenting for “Go Hard or Go Home” or commentating on the adrenaline fuelled Extreme Sailing Series, Hannah always manages to inspire audiences. Project Speedbird will be the biggest test of Hannah’s strength, technique and courage.
The Global Tour
In 2017, Project Speedbird will travel to cities around the world where Hannah will break territorial and national speed sailing records.
Hannah will undertake a speed sailing demonstration and present the main record-breaking event. Every Project Speedbird record attempt will take place in a highly populated area complete with the prevailing weather conditions necessary to break each record. City and coastal locations are currently being selected. Specific destinations will be chosen in association with the 2017 Global Tour Title Partner.
The Speedbird Project is an exciting story of physical and mental mastery meeting technological innovation. The razor’s edge of performance, all culminating in one visceral moment of uncompromising speed.
This story will engage an international audience through incredible imagery, captivating branded content and iconic venues.
Digital platforms will showcase the journey from design to world record as well as provide interaction with audiences and maximise the impact of partnerships.
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