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Mark Cameron, Jaguar Land Rover Global Experiential Marketing Director said: ‘As a Global Brand Ambassador for Land Rover, Hannah White embodies our Above & Beyond philosophy and we are proud to support her next challenge to be the fastest woman on water over one nautical mile.
Critical to the success of this endeavour is the development of a unique, innovative and aerodynamically superior boat. Drawing on Land Rover’s state-of-the-art facilities and unparalleled engineering expertise, we are collaborating with Hannah’s team in the development and testing of the Project Speedbird boat.’
The Extreme Sailing Series™ is the World’s best Stadium Sailing event, which sees professional teams racing just metres off the shore in the heart of iconic cities. Hannah is the Lead Commentator for the global circuit, fronting the live TV coverage.
Hannah’s training is being given a boost by some of the World’s very best sailors who compete on the Series, who are sharing their expertise and knowledge from years at the top of the professional sailing world. From dinghy-handling techniques to fitness, the whole Series family is supporting Hannah in her quest to become the fastest woman on water.
Cerno Capital is a London-based investment manager. Our clients range from individuals and families to charities and wealth managers.
We have a core investment philosophy and an unconstrained investment style – this means that we can be as flexible as we like and execute crucial decisions when markets take a turn. As a small, close-knit and hard-working team operating in a competitive and performance-driven industry, we recognise the hurdles involved in breaking through and succeeding in your field. As well as being long-term investors, we are long-term supporters of women in sport and believe Hannah is an inspirational role model with whom we are proud to be associated.
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Marinepool is widely regarded as one of the top sailing clothing and maritime lifestyle brands and is the leading producer of life jackets for the leisure and sports market in Europe. The company’s product portfolio comprises sailing clothing and outdoor garments, functional fashion for sailing and water sports, impressive crew wear as well as lifestyle clothing lines for women, men and kids in a unique maritime style.
Using only the best materials and state of the art production technologies, no detail is omitted to ensure every product is of cutting-edge technology. Marinepool supports many high profile projects and campaigns and is the official clothing supplier to world-class teams, events and event series in sailing and power boating.
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Headzone leads the watersports world in effective communication, using a helmet based coaching system that allows those taking part in extreme sports to remain in permanent contact.
With clients ranging from emergency service professionals to multi-millionaire yacht owners, the technology we have developed can be used in any number of ways and Hannah White’s challenge provides a perfect example of how the Headzone system can give serious competitors the edge. Able to get constant advice, coaching and instruction from her on-shore team throughout the race will ensure Hannah is a serious contender in becoming the fastest woman on water.
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Captive Minds works with its clients to make them more transparent, empowering and social. We provide leadership thinking; planning and executing brand content strategies that manifest themselves through high-profile events, sponsorships, TV and publishing commissions, mobile apps, live and on-demand video. We syndicate content worldwide.
Unlike traditional agencies, we grow content ecosystems by investing in talent, events and media channels ourselves. We understand that we need to help shape and contribute to the worlds we work in, and by doing so, enable brands to communicate with true creativity, depth and future-thinking.