New Year, New Plans

At the start of every new year resolutions are made, plans are concocted and before you know it your personal and professional roadmap for the year lies in front of you – invariably on a scrappy piece of paper. I can absolutely confirm that all my plans for 2017 have already been thrown out of the window, and this is why!!

The last 2 years in the world of Hannah White have been a whirlwind of hydrofoils and wetsuits. Just under 2 years ago I launched Project Speedbird, my bid to become the fastest women on the water over 1 nautical mile. Optimistically and maybe naively I thought that title would be mine by now, but as it turns out the project has been far more complicated, demanding, and ambitious than I ever imagined. So far the obstacles along the journey have been more challenging and frequent than I anticipated, the outcome being, we are close but not close enough.

Thankfully I am not the sort of person to give up – these hurdles, and setbacks only act as the fuel to my fire, and make me even more determined to see this project through. Thankfully I am backed by an extraordinary group of sponsors, stakeholders, and supporters who are there to live and breathe every inch of the project with me – the highs and the lows.

As we start 2017 many of you maybe wondering when I will be taking to the water again, when I will attempting the A500 record, that we “unofficially” broke last year. Well, my news for 2017 is that for the next 10 months or so, I wont be on the water. I will still be very much focussed on Project Speedbird, on the development of the boat, the commercial aspects of the project and working to bring in some more funding. However, the reason for remaining shoreside, is I will be preparing for the arrival of the newest member of our family in the summer. Yes, I am pregnant. James and I are absolutely delighted that we are to become parents, and whilst being pregnant isn’t the ideal preparation for a world record attempt, I am confident and determined that this new exciting chapter in our lives will only help focus my attention to my professional ambitions.

I will be talking quite a lot about my training during pregnancy, and how the reality of having a person growing inside you stacks up against the dream! So far it’s been pretty rubbish! I never believed that morning sickness could be worse than sea sickness but it is!

Thank you so much for all your support, it certainly is going to be an exciting and interesting year! YIKES!!

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